A Company born from a desire to give emerging talent a chance to shine in an environment of fairness, respect and a genuine desire to nurture and develop the Artist within. We cherish our values of honesty, sincerity and transparency, and work hard to give our clients a fair deal, a great service, and a real chance in the world of Music.

So you want to be a musician?

What does a Talent Manager do? I get asked this several times a week. People want to know why they need a middleman, when they are happily growing their music careers on their own. Let’s be fair, there is nothing wrong with this at all, and I have always admired musicians who are resourceful and dogmatic in their approach to their musical career.

But, there is a simple question that you can ask yourself that will establish whether you should consider working with a management team or not. “Are you ready to do everything you need to do to make it as a Professional Musician?” Watch this video and decide.

I have found Excell to be dependable, more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure your happiness, and when you think they've reached their limit on what they can do, they throw more genius into the mixing bowl. I have really grown my fanbase and developed as an artist, for which I am truly grateful.–Austin Wilson, USA

Excell Has helped me in so many ways as producer. They are very organised, on the ball,  an independent talent management company I've learnt I can rely on, and people who are determined to do their best for me and their other artists.–Liam Newick, UK

It's been a pleasure working with Rob and his team at Excell. The Northampton Music Festival enjoys a strong working relationship with Excell, and we appreciate their hard work and commitment to excellence.–Jo Burns, UK